Overshoe Toe Protectors

The Best Protection:

  • Against accidental impacts, crushing and stubbing. Protection of toes against falling objects
  • Against slips and falls on wet, oily and greasy floors.
  • Easy to put on and to take off, adjustable with elastic band
  • Delivered in individual packaging
  • Adaptable over all kinds of footwear, with our without heels (the overshoes allow steps and ladder climbing)
  • Extremely long lasting and reusable product
  • Much cheaper than conventional safety footwear
  • 100% Genuine Bovine Leather Upper
  • Custom made EXTRA WIDE STEEL TOE to withstand 200 joules of energy impact (As per ISO EN Standards)
  • Fully padded with LEATHER lining.
  • Sole with Sandwiched metal reinforcement for durability.
  • Leather rear cover for pull-over with 1.5 inch elastic.
  • UNISEX Style, can be used over formal, casual, slip-on etc.
  • One size fits all (Adult sizes)
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