MEDIC™ 5000 Series First Aid Kit

Kit for up to 50 People. We feature a comprehensive range of First Aid Kits for use in the workplace to enable employers to meet the Health & Safety standards recommended by government. MEDIC® First Aid Kit is Quality Assured at CE 0123 norms.

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Additional Information
  • Design patented #2xxx7 with CE 0123 norms

    Thadhani make ABS High Visibility First Aid Kit with Air/Water Resistant Neoprene Lining & Wall Mounting Bracket, model “Medic 5000 IN*” confirming to ANSI Class III Norms/ Factories Act.

    • Colour: High Visibility Orange.
    • Dimensions: 32 X 22 X 13 cms.
    • Complies with ANSI Z308.1-2009 Type III Standards
    • Has versatile internal partitioning and Plexiglas cover on both halves of the kit to cover contents and to make the contents visible while opening.
    • Designed for mobile and stationary use.
    • Has a High Visibility Orange Colour making it clearly visible even from far off distance.
    • Supplied with Wall Mounting Holder & mounting accessories.
    • The design and functioning of the kits are in such a way that the kits can be taken off their Wall holders quickly and taken directly up to the accident site.
    • Kit Casing is  made of robust high grade ABS Plastic, which make it impact resistant & temperature resistant.
    • Kits are maintenance free & can be dismantled into individual parts for cleaning/sanititizing purpose.
    • Kits are designed & engineered in such a way that the contents are optimally protected against water droplets and dust by the continuous neoprene rubber seal running throughout the opening of the kit.
    • Kits have 2 Equal Halves, versatile Internal partitioning and transparent plexiglass covers, easily operated Turn Locks, Integrated Handle, content list, provision to fill in emergency Numbers, standard silk screen printed film Inscription.
    • Thadhani is a Drug License holder since 1947.

    Thadhani® sterile products are manufactured as per CE 0123 norms and their shelf life is guaranteed for up to 5 years. Even the best materials, stored in ideal conditions (cool & dry), will loose their elasticity and adhesiveness over time. Therefore, we recommend that the contents should be regularly checked and replaced as and when required.