Drager CPS 5800 Chemical Suit

The Dräger CPS 5800 is a limited-use chemical protective suit for industrial applications and operations on board that involve a gaseous, liquid or solid hazardous substance.

  • large opening for donning / doffing (diagonally across the front); with no additional assistance required
  • zipper with external chain and a downward direction of fastening
  • double flap with continuous Velcro strap protects zip fastener
  • soft Dräger face cuff
  • integrated gas-tight socks with boot flaps for use with multiple boot sizes
  • Dräger face cuff
  • fixed gloves combine butyl outer with laminate inner lining for increased protection against chemicals and punctures
  • Dräger pressure relief valve for discharging air from the suit
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  • Comprehensive protection

    For emergencies or for routine work such as maintenance, repairs and tank cleaning – appropriate protection is always required.

    With its external self-contained breathing apparatus the gas-tight Dräger CPS 5800 (type 1b) protects against a multitude of substances. The suit meets the highest international requirements of industry, fire departments and shipping. Therefore it fulfills EN 943-1+2:2002, and the SOLAS requirements, so that it is approved for the use on board ships. As a limited-use protective suit its resistance against mechanical influences and flames is not as high as the one from the reusable Dräger CPS 7800.