Antistatic / ESD Lab Coats


  • Fabric: 98% polyester+2% conductive fiber
  • Groundable static control garment system
  • Allows operators and smock to be bonded or electrically connected to ground to prevent ESD events in ESD Protected Areas.
  • 2% conductive carbon fiber woven in chain-link design
  • Provides continuous and consistent charge dissipation throughout lifetime of smock. Creates
  • Faraday cage effect around operator
  • Shields ESD charges from operators’ clothing from damaging ESD sensitive devices.
  • Prevents isolated charged conductor in ESD Protected Area.
  • Surface resistance: 10e6-10e8 Ohm or 10e7-10e9 Ohm
  • Durability: 50 washings
  • Design Customization available.
  • Available in S, M, L & XXL Sizes.
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