Electrical Rubber Mats

Electrical Insulating Rubber Mats are made out of synthetic rubber & are anti- skid, fire resistance, oil resistance. Electrical Safety Mats provide safety of workmen from electrical shock, High Voltage Panels, Sub-station, Power Transformer Rooms, LT & HT Labs, near Busbars, near Control Panels etc.

Electrical Sheet is special grade of rubber floor mat with excellent insulating properties specifically designed for use in front of swithboards of high-voltage equiments. It can provide safety for operators or maintenance staff against electrical shock, and should be specified in any area where Health & Safety risk assessments show a possibility of high-voltage shock. Colours Available – Black & Blue. Grades Available 3.3 KV to 66 KV.

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  • Technical Data Sheet :

     Class Max. Use Voltage AC Proof Voltage Di-electric Strength Thickness
    A 3.3 KV 10 30 KV 2.0mm
    B 11 KV 22 45 KV 2.5mm
    C 33 KV 36 65 KV 3.0mm
    D 66 KV 70 110 KV 3.5mm



    Form Rolls or Mat
    Length 2M/5M/10M/20M
    Width 3 FT (900mm)/1M
    Thickness 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm

    Features : 

    • Confirming to ISI:15652:2006
    • Tested by Electrical Research and Development Association.
    • Test and specifications also meet BS 921,IEC 61111, ASTM.
    • For both A.C. and D.C. applications.
    • Di-electric strength upto 65kV (95000 volts).
    • AC proof voltage upto 36 kV(ac)rms.
    • Low and extreme low temperature resistant.
    • Acid, Diesel and Transformer oil proof.
    • Flame retardant.
    • Good Ageing properties.
    • High insulation resistenace
    • High tensile strength and elongation properties.
    • Leakage Current max. 10mA.