Electric Discharge Rod

Telescopic Fibre Glass Discharge / Earth Rods are supplied in a wide range of ratings 11 – 132 KV. They are used to discharge Electrical Systems having limited fault levels. Spares: Die cast alu. Grounding “C” Clamp, ISI marked PVC insulated multi-stranded 440/1100V grade cable 10 sq. mm as per IS-694. Total Length 18 Ft.

Earthing Discharge Rods [hot stick] is an insulated pole, usually made of fiberglass, used by electric utility workers when engaged on live-line working on energized high-voltage electric power lines. Depending on the tool attached to the end of the hot stick, it is possible to test for voltage, tighten nuts and bolts, apply tie wires (twisted lengths of ductile wire which fasten the running cable to its supporting insulators), open and close switches, replace fuses, lay insulating sleeves on wires, and perform various other tasks while not exposing the crew to a large risk of electric shock.

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