Chainex Stainless Steel Mesh Glove

The chainex  gloves features stainless steel metal mesh gloves with textile strap. Sold as single hand.

  • Ambidextrous.
  • All styles easily adjustable nylon wrist straps for safe, secure fit.
  • Safety cut proof protect glove 100% stainless steel.
  • Brand new five fingers,each bid for single stainless glove and one white cotton glove.
  • Fit to both right and left hands.
  • The strap is very flexible and adapts to all wrist sizes to ensure comfort. Length 11″-12″
  • Cut / Puncture Resistant
  • Great glove for the poultry and Textile Industry.
  • Gant de protection EPI Catégorie 2 (Directive européenne 89/686/CEE)
  • EN 1082 – Gloves and arm guards protection against cuts and stabs by hand knives
  • Food contact.
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