Aluminised Apron

The Aluminized Apron is part of the AluPro range which offers head-to-toe protection for the user against accidental contact with a flame, molten aluminium and metal splashes, convective heat and high radiant heat (C3 performance). Worn in extreme heat conditions, AluPro equipment is resistant and long-lasting. The garment reflects infrared radiations, the maximum of radiant heat is repelled. And prevents projections of molten metal from sticking so as they roll on the article and fall on the floor. High-performance para-aramid fibres, the qualities of the article offers an insulating power and a good resistance against projections.


  • Foundry
  • Glass Industries
  • Iron and steel industry
  • Metal steel

Apron with adjustable straps at the neck and waist. Comfortable and practical: straps designed in 100% flame retardant-treated cotton with adjustable plastic buckles.

465 g/m2

100% aluminised para-aramid. Seams with aramid thread.

EN ISO 11612:2008 (A1-B1-C3-D3-E3-F1): Heat and flame protection clothing.A: Limited flame propagation. B: Convective heat protection. C: Radiant heat protection. D: Resistance to molten aluminium splashes. E: Resistance to molten cast iron splashes. F: Contact heat.

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