Few can match our commitment to safety and professional experience. We offer the broadest line of safety products, with specialized equipment, technology and years of expertise. Thadhani is a factory authorized hazardous gas detection sales, service, repair and rentals.

The experience you need

Founded in Since 1947, with over 65 years of experience providing safety supplies, personal protective equipment (PPE), and bespoken safety solution for workplaces throughout India.

Establishing long-term relationship

We have a helpful, friendly team to provide the support to encourage and develop a strong mutual partnership with our customer to establish long term business relationship.

We care, We serve, We protect

At Thadhani Safety we are determined and committed to providing an excellent service, delivering a range of safety products and a level of customer care which is unsurpassed.

Bespoken solution to your needs

Tirelessly we offer you options and choice when selecting products and we are able to provide recommendations for products to suit your industry. We offer widest range of over 1500+ Safety products.

Quality is not an act. Our habit.

The products we supply are designed and tested to meet and exceed international standards for safety. We exist to deliver safety products that ensure safety of workforce in various industries

Embracing and Encouraging change

Many of the safety products we supply integrate a combination of electronics, mechanical systems and advanced materials to protect users against hazardous or life-threatening situations.


J.Thadhani & Co, has been committed to providing consumers with the highest quality of industrial safety products and personal protective equipments. Our own range of brands are as follows

Providing a comprehensive range of first aid kit for workplaces. For over many decades Thadhani has been a leading name in India’s First Aid kit market.

We manufacture and supply a wide range of stretchers (many to customers’ individual needs or industries) for the army, trekking personals, offshore, defence, rescue and emergency industries throughout the world.

We manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality fans suitable for use in a multitude of industrial applications.

The business can trace its history back to 1946 when Mr.Thadhani took over a First Aid Base of the British Army and started manufacturing First Aid Kits. Our 1st First Aid Kit was then developed and many other uses were found. Today, our MEDIC First Aid Kits remain an integral part of our portfolio and is the accepted standard for First Aid in most Government and private organisations all over India. Even through many of our products are now far more sophisticated in construction and application, we remain focused on our philosophy of separating people from hazards. THADHANI is an ISO 9001 certified firm is the oldest and the leading manufacturer and distributor of industrial safety products & Personal Protective Equipments (P.P.E) in India.

Since its inception, J. Thadhani & Co. has been committed to providing consumers with the highest quality of industrial safety products and personal protective equipments. Our MEDIC series of First Aid Kits is an undisputed leader in the Indian Market, We currently assemble and market the largest range of Confined Space Blowers & Exhausts in India under the AIRVENT Brand & the largest range of Industrial, Disaster Management & rescue Stretchers under the MOBILIZE brand. We guarantee and stand by our brands.

Apart from the above manufactured products, we are also authorized distributors for some of the world’s best safety equipment’s manufacturers like 3M, DRAGER, MSA, BATA Industrials, INTIME Fire Extinguishers, MAXXGLO Signages, SLOTO Lockouts & Tagouts, UVIRAJ Fall Protection Products & MALLCOM Safety. With all the above, our customers are able to rely on us for their complete safety requirements.


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We aim to be your most preferred supplier of Occupational, Safety, Health and Environmental protection products in India.


We aim to provide our valuable customers and partners with superior quality products and value-added services at acceptable prices and returns for the company. Our aim is to provide enhanced health and safety information together with a pragmatic approach in developing solutions, which enables employers and organisation to maintain the health, safety and welfare of all employes and members of the public, who may be at risk from their activities or undertakings.